David and Dawn

This family was such a joy to work with. I was either grinning like a crazy person or crying my eyes out the entire day.


Marc Birth Story

Marc from Melissa E Photography on Vimeo.


Celebrating Elliott

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I'll never forget the day I found out that my friend, Desiree, lost her little boy, Elliott. We had spent the  weekend celebrating Parker's 7th birthday. We had experienced days thick with love and full of our 3 boys.

After kissing my kids goodnight, I discovered that the youngest of Desiree's 3 boys had passed away.

Photographing his funeral was easily the most heart wrenching thing I've ever experienced. Yet it was as holy as it was heartbreaking.

Yesterday I asked Desiree about the photos of funeral. I wondered if they brought comfort or sadness. She explained that she loves them because they are proof that he lived. When the world continues spinning, her family needs to remember that he has not been forgotten. They need to remember that the almost 2 years they got to spend with him were not just a good dream.

Grab a tissue and remember little Elliott. I have squeezed my kids tighter every single day for a year, because of him. I hope you will too. 

Music by Ryan Tanner. Song choice and photos inspired by Jon Canlas.


Mya's Birth Story






I always consider shooting birth stories a huge honor and this one was no exception. 

Welcome to the world, little Mya.

Interested in me documenting your birth story? Contact me at melissaephotography@gmail.com.


Graduation Girl

I loved shooting graduation photos for this beautiful, sweet girl. (And a few of her sweet, beautiful family too.) I have been getting ready to re-launch my business and this session was such a great way to kick things off. 

Happy summer, everyone! 


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