The Heaton Family Day in the Life (Durham Lifestyle Photographer)

Warning: Do not read the following post if you have no desire to have kids. Looking at these pictures of Eddie and Lilly will make you want to reproduce. You have been warned. :)

One of my favorites..

I LOVE that they decided to enlarge this family pic of them on the porch.

I asked Cami to write a little bit about her Day in the Life session:

Cami said, "Our "Day in the Life" session was the perfect pick for our family. Melissa was in our home for a little over an hour just taking pictures of what we would do on a normal day around the house. We had a few things prepared that we wanted her to photograph us doing but we also did a few spontaneous things that we hadn't planned on. With our young children, it was wonderful to be in a place that was comfortable to them. The results are pictures where their expressions are natural and genuine. I loved that we didn't feel pressured to have everyone perfect and sitting still like we have in previous studio sessions. We were all so happy during and after Melissa's session. We also love having pictures of our home to preserve these wonderful memories we've had here."

I love Day in the Life sessions.

And I love the Heatons. :)


5 years old

It's amazing how one little person can change you so dramatically.

6 years ago Aaron and I discovered that God wanted us to have a baby.

1 short year later, though a baby myself, I brought this fierce little spirit into the world.

After 5 short years, neither of us are babies anymore.

He has softened me. He has humbled me. He has helped solidify my mission here on earth.

And I am forever changed.

Happy Birthday to my (not so) little one!

You are smart, curious and hungry to learn.

You are dramatic.

You love people and adventures.

You stick your tongue in your cheek when you are shy.

You love being the center of attention.

You are timid about trying new things--mostly because you hate failing.

You do things in your time, and in your own way.

You do your hair and get dressed before 8 am every single day.

You are passionate.

You are loved.

And you are mine.

Happy Birthday.


Up Next and Availability

This lovely lady's maternity session..

And another "Day in the Life" session!

I only have 3 more sessions open until the end of the year. Call me or e-mail me to snag one!


Baby Number 3 (Durham Maternity Photographer)

I have been dying to share the images from this session. This family has such a sweet feeling about them and I loved spending time with them. How Kristen managed to look fabulous when it was 100 degrees outside is a mystery to me.

Baby #3 (named Cupcake by his older brothers) is on his way!

When you google "golden hour" I'm pretty sure these pictures pop up.


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