My Heroes

I met Ashley 20 years ago when she moved into my neighborhood. (Ash, can that be right? 20 years!?) We became fast friends and I refuse to believe it had anything to do with our trampoline that Ashley adored, and everything to do with my dazzling personality. Regardless, this girl has stuck by my side through everything. And I mean everything. And to this day Ash and her mom are a couple of my heroes.

I was able to take pics of Ashley's family yesterday. (While dodging a random downpour in Murray. What the...)

I called Ash and told her we were going to have to ditch our first location and I would think of something great as I drove to her house. (This is so not like me. I usually get to my spots 30 minutes early to check things out!) I remembered a little field a few minutes away from their house and lead the entourage while praying to high heaven that it was still alive.

It was alive (mostly) and worked out perfectly. Phew! I have a lot more to post, but wanted to get a few up tonight.

Good luck choosing one of Brookey. I'm pretty sure every single one is this cute.
When I got home, Parker came out to greet me looking like this.
Who says band-aids don't work for bloody noses!? :)

Love you, S Fam!


Oh, Fer Cute

Did anyone else's grandma say "for cute" on a regular basis? Man, I miss my grandma!

Today I was able to shoot a couple of mini sessions with these cute kids.

I want this print in a giant canvas.
Do you guys remember this little guy? It's amazing how much a baby can change in 7 months!

And here is proof that I am always able to work my magic with kids.
Sorry Allison! It was too cute not to post! :)


5 or 6 Sessions Left

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that I only have 5 or 6 spots open before I move 2,000 miles away.

Call me and we will talk. (About a session, that is. I am pretending like the moving 2,000 miles away part isn't happening yet.)

Good Day.


The Deets

Here are a fewe of my favorites from Scott and Christina's wedding. I hope I captured just how happy they are. They had to have had some sore cheeks going on. Smiling this much takes a lot of energy!
I got to hang out with these cool people all day:

Gotta give a shout out to my rock star second shooter! Les was SO awesome and calmed my crazy nerves down.

Congrats guys! I can't wait for you to see the rest!


Scott and Christina (Married!)

I had to get a picture up here today to prove to everyone that I survived my first wedding. It was great. A beautiful day with a beautiful family. And maybe.. just maybe.. I'll do it again. :)


We are nerds...

Last Friday my mom and sisters and I got together for a super fast mother's day mini session. Though it was really fun, I learned some disturbing things about myself.

Here is our before pic. I'm only looking like big bird a LITTLE bit here.

Seriously.. Tara (on the left) and I are the same height.. why do I look so tall?

Now tell me if you pick up on a recurring theme in the next pictures. And just in case you don't know who I am.. I am the crazy ape looking one on the right.
I love that Em and Steph look like they are about to drop a brick. :)

Unfortunatly, my memory card went crazy and a lot of the files corrupted. But I promise you that I looked like an angry ape in every single one of them. Why can't I jump with a normal expression on my face?

And who says white girls can't jump!?


Kelcey and Ben

Last Thursday I found myself emotionally and physically drained. A and I have learned that moving across the country is not for the faint of heart! (Have I mentioned I'm moving to NC? Well, I'm moving to NC in 3 months.) We have had some looong nights and busy days as we've tried to hammer out the logistics of moving across the country.

Thursday night I had a session with Kelcey and Ben. I secretly worried that I wouldn't be able to pull anything from my fried brain and I wondered if the inspiration would flow as usual. My work is very personal to me, and I usually come home from sessions mentally exhausted.

It was a tender mercy from God to work with these two for a couple of hours!

Can I tell you something terribly cheesy? I teared up when I looked through my viewfinder and saw this shot. (Sleep deprivation makes me emotional, okay?) I just love how peaceful and happy she is in her fiance's arms. Beautiful.

I came home from this shoot feeling more energized than ever and feeling grateful for my job.

Thanks you Kelc and Ben!!


Senior Videos

Here are the slideshows from my two most recent seniors. We had such a blast! Enjoy!

Brooke from Melissa Englebright on Vimeo.

Hannah /a>

(I know, I need to pick a new song. Any suggestions?)


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