28-75mm f/2.8 Tamron Lens For Sale

I am selling this baby for $375. (Retails for $460)

The zoom range on this lens is great, and the 2.8 f stop is fabulous. It's a good little lens that I used part of the time when shooting my sister's birth story.

I just bought an L series lens with a 1.4 f-stop so that I can shoot in lower light situations with a little more wiggle room.

This lens is in perfect shape, and I only used it when my 50mm wasn't wide enough. (Probably only twice this entire year).

Shoot me an e-mail if you're interested!


Good light, poodle hair, and baaad tan lines.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to escape to the beach with my family and some friends. I didn't dare bust my camera out on the first day, but we went to the beach at dusk and snapped a few pictures. I loved that the blues and grays of the ocean and sky made for a great blank canvas. I could have shot here all night long.

My family, the beach, AND amazing light? PLEASE! It doesn't get any better than that!

I got my haircut. The jury is still out as to whether I like it or not. Feel free to weigh in. Unless you think it looks like a poodle. If that's the case, then you can kindly keep your thoughts to yourself. :)

Aaron and I are working on a little booklet entitled, "How NOT to apply sunscreen." (And I thought my tan lines were bad BEFORE we went to the beach.)
Notice Aaron's poor red feet?

Happy Monday everyone!


A Day in the Felt Family's Life (Lehi Family Photographer)

Christina and I became fast friends a couple of years ago after I accidentally flung a piece of BBQ'd meat into her purse.

Last December, as I started tossing around the idea of doing sessions in my client's home, I pictured Christina. I pictured her warmth, her depth, her sweet kids and her colorful house which is jam packed with charm.

I called Christina a couple of weeks ago to talk about our session and was pleased as punch to discover that her vision matched mine perfectly.

"I want you to follow us around and capture what we do every day," she said.

And we did just that.

I told Sam to go pick out his favorite dress up outfit and he picked a BEAUTIFUL pink dress. I told him to pick his 2nd favorite outfit and we ended up with this.

Something tells me this photo would have lost its effect if he was wearing a dress. :)

This is one of my new favorite pictures. We decided to take pictures of Christina with her baby. And this is what we ended up with. Every mother in the world can relate to this!

Thanks Felt Family!


Karly's Birth Story

When my sister, Emily, asked if I would photograph Karly's birth I felt a rush of excitement and nervousness. I was thrilled at the chance of photographing a birth but worried that I would mess it up somehow. I worried that me being there would take away from Emily and Jeff's moment.

D-day came, and I was a mess of nerves. But my worries melted away as I watched my sister focus and wince through each contraction. I watched the concern on my brother-in-law's face and remembered that this was about them---not me. I moved to a level of photography that I've never reached before. A level where I was able to forget , for a moment, about f-stops and shutter speed. I became so immersed in the moment--in their moment-- that I forgot to feel like a 3rd wheel. I became a little fly on the wall (one very emotional fly on the wall) and watching the experience through my camera only magnified the experience.

It. was. incredible.

And luckily, I resisted my urge to yell out things like, "You're a winner!" and "Don't give up!"

(You're welcome.)

I hope you enjoy their birth story as much as I did.


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