I Found IT!!!

Yesterday I spent hours (HOURS!) looking for a cool urban location for an upcoming shoot. (I even dreamt about it last night.. a sure sign that someone has been spending too much time on the internet!) I had seen some pictures from other photographers that I loved, but I could NOT figure out where they were taken.

I tried everything. I even resorted to googling "really cool brick walls SLC". I looked up historic locations, browsed flickr galleries, and stalked photo blogs.

Last night, on a whim, I decided to search through the archives of a local urban photographer. And guess what? He photographed half of the name of a building RIGHT by this really cool spot. SUCCESS!! I found it!

Then Aaron came home from work, took one look at a portrait taken there and said, "I know where that is. I drive by it all the time!"

I didn't punch him. But I wanted to. Can you believe it? Self control, people!

Pictures will be coming this weekend!


Wall Galleries

Every time a client receives their pictures, they say the same thing. I have know idea where to hang these!

Well rest your pretty little heads, and allow ME to design a wall for you.

MelissaE photography now provides one custom wall gallery design with 2 of our portrait packages.

I'm working on this little diddy as we speak:

Now pick a wall and let's get to work!


Gracie Lou Sass

Oh, how I love when 8 yr. olds give me some spunk. Gracie was full of it. I think someone has been practicing in the mirror. :)

I wanted some shots of her in her baptism dress (since her lame-o aunt missed it), but after 5 minutes of freezing we opted for boots and a hat.




I wanted to play around with sun flair, and the picture on the left was the pose she gave me when I said, "turn around and give me some sass." :)

Love you, Gracie!



It's done!


And it feels soooo good.

Seeing this come together has been surprisingly emotional and I can't even describe how grateful I feel. Thanks to everyone who has supported me and this crazy dream.

melissaephotography is up and running.

And I feel like my heart is going to explode. Really.


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