Scary Smile!

Last night I was goofing around with Park and one of his best buddies, Dakota. I have been itching to get some pics of Dakota because he has amazing curly brown hair, and is the sweetest kid I've ever been around. As you can see it wasn't hard to get a good picture of him.

Then there is Parker. He wanted in on the action and unfortunately we didn't get as good of a shot. Eek! I have been laughing at this picture all day!


My Bro!

AAH! I am so behind on blogging. Enjoy the smattering of pictures that is on its way!

My brother was in town a few weeks ago and I was able to snap some pictures of his family. 6 kids!


Me, Baby Hungry?

Well wouldn't YOU be if you held this little baby?

How on earth do they grow so fast?


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