Esther (Durham Newborn Photographer)

Meet Esther. She is two weeks old, has beautiful dark hair, and loves sucking on her tongue. (And watching her do so will melt you into a little puddle of goo.)
Esther's grandma made this dress for her. Amazing!

I love shooting newborns "as is." It tells the story of having a newborn much more effectively than black backdrops and angel wings. :)

(My apologies to any angel wing/black backdrop lovers out there. It's just not my style!)


Andrew+Holly (Durham Engagement Photographer)

This morning Aaron and I woke up to a blood curdling scream.

Apparently, Luke (my 3 yr. old) snuck into Parker's room in the wee hours of the morning, snuggled up to him and started stroking his head.

Parker thought it was a robber and freaked. (Hence the screaming.)

If only all robbers wanted to do was stroke kids' hair!

Actually scratch that. That is equally disturbing.

And I don't think those kind of intruders are called robbers. Bleh. Moving on....

Andrew and Holly rock. It was so fun working with a couple with such a clear sense of their style.

I love that they chose the shoe shot to enlarge and hang in their new apartment.

I hope your day is robber/head stroking free!


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