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Shhhh! (Durham family photographer)

I am the worst secret keeper. The WORST! Every single time I have bought a present for Aaron that is supposed to be a surprise, I crack on day one.

Imagine my dismay when Kellie called me and explained that she wanted to kid nap her neices and nephew, do a photo shoot, and surprise her sister (Darcy) with the pics on Christmas. Christmas! Do you realize how far away that is?

Well, I loved the idea and we started planning. I figured I would be able to keep a secret for once in my life, since I had never met Darcy.

Guess who I sat next to during my book club last week? Guess who I chatted with for an hour? Darcy! Well, you know me and secret keeping. Every single thing we were talking about led to a conversation in my head about my impending top secret photo shoot.

"Oh, you lived in Germany?" (I bet you got some awesome pictures there. Speaking of pictures...)
"Don't you love living by your sister now?" (Well, I happen to know that your sister loves that you live here too.. in fact she just bought you a photosession-with ME!)

Man-oh-man I was a mess. But I didn't crack. Kellie I owe you one. I think I just had a breakthrough!

Also, I owe you for bringing these umbrellas.
The best jumping picture I have ever taken

Merry Christmas!
(And to all of you who know Darcy.. SSHHHHH! If I can keep a secret, you can too!)


The Hales (Cary Family Photographer)

I was able to shoot my first session in Cary, NC last weekend. It was BEAUTIFUL! As so was this family.

I love doing family pictures at clients' homes. I love it even more when they have beautiful yards!

I helped this little man snap a few pictures, and I think this one is so cute. Can't you tell how much his parents and grandparents love him?
Thanks guys!

Aaron is on Fall break this week (Can I get an hallelujah?) so we are taking a mini trip to DC. I will return E-mail when I get back next week. Have a good weekend!


Hello, Butner (North Carolina Family Photographer)

Today I was able to shoot some family pictures in Butner, NC. (Unfortunate name, pretty place!)

Chris and Sarah were some of the first people we met here. They made us feel right at home and helped us not feel like such nerdy Utahns. (Which is pretty remarkable, considering that is exactly who we are.)

Sarah, I told you I couldn't help but start working on these!


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