A Summer Day in the Life Session

My Utah sessions kicked off with a Day in the Life Session with Christina. For those of you who wonder how these sessions go, PLEASE call Christina. She (and her family) are a joy to photograph. They relax and enjoy each other while I hover around with my camera.

I love:

Addie's sweet profile shot
The red chairs
Moving hair
Sam's thumbs
Addie spinning
Daddy zerberts
Baby grabbing his ear

Thanks for the great session guys!


Prepare Yourselves....

#1. I am pregnant. Hooray! I'm due in September. Hooray again!

#2. We are getting ready to move across the country. Hooray for being employed! Boo for preparing for a 3,000 mile move while being the size of a small planet.

#3. I have approximately 7ish sessions to share with you. Prepare yourselves for some awesomeness, okay?

To my Utah clients: Thank you for the great sessions! I had a great time waddling around with you. Your images are the top priority on my to-do list. Anything that can get my mind off of packing is a great thing. :)


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