Hansen Halloween Quickie

The Hansens joined us for a quick 15 minute Halloween shoot. I love this picture so much of little Eliza that it hurts.

Here is the whole brood. Lucky for me, Luke is loving posing for pictures lately. Unlucky for me, his posed smile looks like this.. (on the left).
Every. Single. Time.


It's a bird! (Literally)

Luke was supposed to be a monkey for Halloween. We tracked down a thick padded monkey suit, tried it on and practiced making him say "I'm a monkey!" for weeks.

Well, mother nature ruined our monkey plans by blessing us with 85 degree temps yesterday. Now I don't know about you, but if I was forced to trick-or-treat wearing a heavy monkey suit in 85 degree weather, I would feel anything but festive. In fact, I might start channeling crazy ape behavior and start attacking innocent bystanders.


Our friends had a Superman cape that they let us borrow last minute before our church's truck or treat. The costume is a little unfinished (I mean, he's not even wearing red underwear!), but he was happy as can be. And it really came in handy when we found a BIRD in our house and Luke scared it out the door while wearing his Superman cape. I was so proud.

our turtle had a little identity crisis.
Happy Halloween!


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