We enjoyed 75* temps.
We played in the leaves
We, at one point, had 6 kids here.
I made chocolate chip pumpkin shaped pancakes
They weren't very good
Though according to Parker they were "deeyicious"
Parker read his first word
I kid you not. He sounded out mom and dad. Go Park!

Then he decided it would be fun to lick the mirror and write letters with his spit.
This is the same kid who refuses to touch a crayon
Hmmm. maybe spit is his medium of choice

Tonight we went on our traditional Halloween ice cream run
2 years ago Aaron's pirate "Arg.. mateme" joke was born.
He still thinks it's funny
And so do I, even though I roll my eyes
(I'll tell it to you if you give me $1)

Happy Halloween, everyone!


Not So Freezing Gardens.

This was one of those sessions you dream about. Great kids, perfect weather, and an awesome garden. Much, much more to come, Jen!


Twins Take Two

I was able to take pictures of this family a few months ago and it was so fun to see them again. This time I could actually tell the twins apart! Woo hoo! They are 2 of the best babies I've ever seen. And this backdrop is 2 minutes away from their house.
Jeal. ous.


The D Fam

I got really excited when I saw what the D fam was wearing. Have I mentioned that I am REALLY loving bright crazy colors?

Watch out, Calvin Klein!

Thanks, Mel and El!



I am happy to report that the leaves are finally falling down. I can't believe how fast they are falling! This family was so fun, and the boys were so good. I have never seen eyes so big and so blue!


Freezing Gardens!

This fam and I braved 45* temps (in October, what's up with that) for this fun session. The kids were able to hide their shivers for some great pictures. Thanks for braving the cold, guys! :)



For those of you who have mentioned wanting pics.. I am booked for October and only have 1-2 spots open in November. I might be able to do a few more mini sessions. The first few people to call or E-mail me get dibs!




I woke up at 6:15 to the sound of Parker breathing at my door and
saying, "I wake up, mom! The sun's not on tuday."
I drove up the canyon with my mom and sister. Breathtaking and beautiful!
Parker and Luke crashed and I got one solid hour of me time.
We opened the windows and doors and let the cool air in
We cooked dinner and made no-bake cookies
We listened to Wicked
Luke slobbered on my face and on my phone
I told Parker I was sick (I have a cold) and he said, "awww, do you need to go poop?" (in his over-the-top sappy voice)
Made goofy faces before bed (as per Park's request)


Little Dude's Fam

Remember the baby I shot a couple of weeks ago? Well, I was able to take pictures of his whole fam last week. They are as hilarious as they are cute.

Is this not the cutest picture? *sigh* I love it.



Lucky Auntie

My sister came "up north" last week and I was able to snap a few shots of her kids. I told my sister that she owes it to mankind to have 14 children. I think you'll agree after seeing her pics.

It is a miracle that I got these shots. This was after all of their mini sessions, my sister was mowing the lawn next to us, and Parker was a wannabe sibling and kept sneaking in all of the pictures.
Enjoy the next 3 posts, Em!





I promise I didn't touch her eyes. They are all natural!


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