Operation Sunflair

I admit it. I am having a love affair with back light and sun flair. It's so romantic and gives a feel to a picture that nothing else can. I LOVE it.

Tonight my boys and I went to the park and I decided to experiment with shooting into the sun wide open. (at f/1.4 on my 50mm lens).

(And let's face it.. after reading Parker this book and hearing him trying to convince Luke that he should be a dog all afternoon, we needed a break!)

Two things that I learned:

#1. It's dang hard

#2. I still stink at self portraits

(note to self: give boys a haircut!!)

I'd love to see your sunflair and back lit experiments. E-mail me or comment if you have some to share!


Watermelon (Triangle Area Family Photographer)

Inspiration usually hits me last minute. I can brainstorm and research all the live long day, but my big ideas almost always hit me an hour or two before a session. Can someone teach me how to rewire my brain so I have a little more notice?

Today I bought a watermelon. As I sliced it open and smelled it's sweet smell, I thought of one thing:


I called Kim up and told her I had some ideas and we needed to change some things about our session tonight. Can I just say how grateful I am that (for some reason) people trust when I start throwing something together last minute? THANK YOU!!

We changed locations and I changed the vision I had for our session. All because of a big, juicy watermelon.

We had one grassy field,
a little rocking chair,

bugs,2 cute kids,
yummy overcast lighting,

and one, big, juicy watermelon.

I love summer.

The end.


Bare Feet (Durham Family Photographer)

Last weekend I was able to shoot my first family session in downtown Durham. The A family was so great. Relaxed and kicked back and SO my style.

Katie called me before the session and said, "we don't have shoes.. is that going to be okay?" I laughed and told her it would be fine.

Well get this. You know that small and crazy population of Americans who run because they enjoy it? Their only reason for subjecting themselves to running is NOT because their arteries are begging them to exercise before they die of a massive stroke? (like yours truly).

Well meet Eric. He just ran a marathon.
And Katie is getting in on the barefoot running too.
I think it's pretty fitting that they forgot shoes.

Enjoy the preview, you crazy, awesome athletic people! :)

I'm not sure if it's a good idea for me to take pictures of adorable baby girls like this. I want one... (shhh... don't tell Aaron.)

I was setting up a different shot when I looked over and saw this. I love it.



A week before I flew out, I was able to spend some time with my 95 yr. old grandpa.

Here he is talking about how much Heber has changed over the years,
And this is the wall full of people who love him. He is probably the sweetest, most loving person I have ever known. If I grow to love Aaron half as much as he loved my grandma, I think we will end up very happy.


Hello, North Carolina.

We are here. And %100 totally and completely unpacked. I must say, I have mad packing and unpacking skills. And we are really liking North Carolina.

We are living in this house:
With this porch swing:
Charming, no?

For the next few days be prepared for a smattering of random posts. Our adventures here, along with some shots taken in Utah.


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