If I Believed...

in arranged marriages, you bet I would be setting Parker up with this little girl.

Those eyes are aaaall natural. I promise.


Mini Session?

I have had a lot of people calling and E-mailing me about mini sessions. If there is enough interest I will set aside a couple of days in April.

A mini session is a 20 minute session with a small session fee, and every session comes with an online gallery with a few of your favorite pictures on a disk.

Mini sessions are the perfect alternative to cheesy school portraits. (No school pictures give you a disk option!)

I do NOT recommend mini sessions for most family sessions and toddlers.

E-mail me or comment if interested!

Here are some pictures of our weekend in Moab. We went to Arches with Aaron's family and it was beautifully FREEZING! (I don't recommend hiking during a snow storm.)

sooo... guess who snuck the last two pieces of chocolate cake for breakfast this morning?


Great News!!

For that past few months I have been printing my pictures at a local professional lab. Their quality is good, their customer service stinks, and their uploading process is ridiculous.

A couple of weeks ago I found out about a lab on the east coast that only prints for professional photographers. I just got my first big order from them and I AM IN PRINT LOVE! Amazing quality, great customer service, and the best news.... THEY ARE LESS EXPENSIVE!!

What does this mean for you?

Prices are coming down! Check out my website for details. Gallery wraps are almost HALF as expensive!



Just what you were looking for

Yesterday my sister called and asked if I knew how to make those nifty little buttons to put on my blog.


Wish granted.

How do add this button to your blog? Go to page elements and add a gadget. Add the html/javascript gadget and copy the code above (or to the right). Waalaa! Button added. Easy as pie.

I also joined the 21st century and made a facebook page. Look at me go!
Become a fan and I'll give you a cookie. Or my respect. Either one.


My Hot Date

Here are a couple of pictures for mine and Parker's date last Friday. I don't know why we haven't been doing this more often. It was a blast! We went to a candy shop and I let him pick out any candy that he wanted. He was in 3 yr. old heaven.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home and I spotted this truck. Thanks to the owner! This is my new favorite picture of Park!



How cute is this family? Really. We had a great session downtown. They were lucky enough to witness me turf it on the ice WHILE I was shooting. My ability to biff it big time without hurting my camera was impressive (if I do say so myself).

Thanks for the session, C Fam! Enjoy the little preview!








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