I love him


A Southern Wedding... sorta

Katie and Eric are two of the nicest, most interesting people I've ever met. When they won the mini session I donated to our church youth program, I was excited.

When I found out they wanted me to REDO THEIR WEDDING PICTURES my excitement turned to nausea. I am not a wedding photographer. But Katie's baaaad wedding pictures have been haunting her for 10 (TEN!) years.

I figured if anyone can make me look good as a wedding photographer, it's Katie and Eric. And if anyone can look as good as they did on their wedding day, it's Katie and Eric.

Well, see for yourself...
Katie, you are gorgeous.

The Magnolia trees were dreamy. These two are a couple of my favorites.

Thanks, guys. It was an honor to do this quick re-shoot with you. Now I am going to happy denial land where I pretend like you aren't moving in a week. :(


I love summer.


50mm 1.2 vs. 35mm 1.4

My wide angle L lens arrived in the mail last week. If I would have seen the UPS man when he dropped it off I think I would have hugged him. Actually, I'm not much of a hugger. So many not...


I started tinkering around with it in my front yard and was surprised at how hard it was for me to shoot so wide. I have been shooting with my 50mm for so long, that composing my images with a 35mm felt really strange. So strange, in fact, that I considered returning it and buying the 50mm L lens instead.

I took the new lens for a trial run with my boys last weekend.

The lens is sharp and unbelievably fast. The colors and contrast are both fantastic. BUT I still wasn't sure if it was worth the money.
Until I got this shot.
This is SOOC, shot at 8:00. In low light, this baby is a dream!
(My favorite part of this picture is the little blue blob on the front porch. That would be Luke. He was so terrified of anything with flames that he camped out on the porch the entire time.)

Now I'm sure that this lens is worth the money. But I still can decide if the 50mm L lens would be more versatile.

Any photogs care to weigh in?

(Don't tell me to buy both. My husband might have a heart attack, and I'm quite fond of him.)



Luke has reached a crazy he-man stage. The kid is fearless! Luckily Parker is a gentle kid. Otherwise, Luke would be on the receiving end of some daily beatings.

Sometimes it's nice to know that between the constant reminders to..

take turns,
stop fighting,
don't throw cars at your brother's head,
be nice,
don't spit,
don't yell,
say you're sorry,
say it like you mean it,
be a good example,
be patient,
don't bite,
stop teasing,
let go of your brother's hair,

(to name a few..)

I get little glimpses that remind me that these boys really do like each other.

Now would you please remind me to look at these pictures the next time Luke is sitting on Parker's head?



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