Kathy and Seb (Day in the Life)

Kathy and Seb celebrated their 2nd anniversary a couple of weeks ago. They invited me over to photograph them making their traditional pièce montée. I had a lovely time spending the afternoon with them while they cooked together.
Sebastien is French and has a dreamy French accent. He also whips up crème brûlée and homemade cream puffs in his free time. He is also MARRIED, ladies.

Kathy is as sweet and warm as it gets. The two of them together multiplies the cuteness factor by 17.

I would love to take pictures of you in your home doing your thing. Especially if you feed me pastries. That doesn't hurt, now does it? :)


The Paxton Family

Meet the Paxtons:

Aren't they pretty? I think I deserve a gold star for not posting every single photo from their session.


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