Say WHAT? Engagements?

I know. I KNOW! I started this gig swearing I would never do weddings. "High stress, big time commitment, diva brides, blah blah blah."

But then Scott called me.

Scott was one of my best friends in high school. We used to have looong phone conversations while he "worked" at a wrangler shop in a grocery store. Who buys their jeans at a grocery store? Apparently no one. Hence the long phone calls. :)

Scott introduced me to Christina a couple of weeks ago and I found myself kind of, sort of considering shooting their wedding. I couldn't help it! She was so sweet and nice and non-diva. And she's marrying Scott!

So here we are. Their engagement session. It was a dream. They were candid and so naturally in love.

Thanks for a fun night guys! I can't wait for the big day!


Aaron woke up late this morning.

Which means one of two things. I pack up the kids and drive him to work, or commit myself to a car-less day. I took one look at the TWO INCHES of snow outside and told him he could take the car. Who wants to run errands in the snow?

We have a problem though. I left my phone in the car! My phone (which was used as a last resort form of entertainment for a crying baby on the way home from Moab) is probably lodged underneath the passenger front seat after being thrown by the tired baby.

A phone-less day leads to a myriad of problems. I thought about calling Aaron to tell him to bring the phone home during lunch. (duh). I can't call Park's friends to come over. I can't return client calls, or call my sisters to rant about politics (you're missing out on an earful!)

All I am left to do is work on an unusually prompt blog post about our weekend in Moab. Oh, and I have a little more time to play with my new SHORT hair. (which look in a little butch. Let's be honest).

Sooo... weekend recap. Aaron's half marathon! Let me tell the tale with pictures. (and I am not any of them.. as per usual.)

Here are the spectators/cheerers. (minus A's parents)

We passed the time with a little hula hoop action (I've still got it) and snow cone slurpage.Aaron ran 13 miles in under two hours (with no nipple bleeding!) and I got a sweet tan. It was a win/win/win.
Parker LOVED playing with his cousins. Especially little Chase. Here they are "fishing."

His brown eyes kill me!
How cool are these instruments? This park is the best.
This hug lasted for .04 of a second. It's a good thing I am speedy!

umm.. I think Luke needs a haircut.

We had a great time and were bummed to come home to snow. Are you kidding me!?

Have a happy week, everyone. Let's hope your temps are warmer than ours!


Super Baby Turns ONE!

I shot this little guy when he was a newborn, and I can't believe he's already walking! What!? He's only 5 days older than Luke! I am NOT ready for toddlerhood.

He was a trooper in the cold, and it was easy as pie to make him smile. Lucky me!



I was able to take pictures of Emily last weekend. We have been friends ever since 8th grade spanish class. These shots were TOTALLY worth getting stopped by a police officer for trespassing. Sorry for giving you a heart attack, Kevin!


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