Utah Sessions: BOOKED

I just finished hammering out my Utah schedule and things have changed a bit. We have moved the mini sessions to the 18th. (Because you all have vacation plans.)

All of the sessions are booked, but if you would like to be put on a waiting list, let me know! I might be able to make room for one more Day in the Life. But you might have to bribe me with cookies...

Is it summer yet?


Pinky Swear (Durham engagement photographer)

The best way to gear up for Valentine's Day is shooting an engagement session. It makes me love love. Nothing beats watching a couple open up in front of my camera.
I pinky swore that I would give Andrew and Hollie a sneak peak of these pics in exchange for showing me this cool place.
Much more to come!


Happy (Wake Forest Family Photographer)

I stumbled upon these photos from a session last October. I wanted to wrap this baby boy up and take him home with me. How can these photos not make you happy?

I have two more Utah mini sessions left and ONE Day in the Life session.

Thanks to those of you who have already booked!


Utah, I'm coming!

Thank your lucky homesickness! I'm coming to Utah. And I must be feeling the Utah love because I am offering some screaming deals. You're lucky I'm not holding the fact that you have access to Cafe Rio and Kneaders carrot cake against you.

I will be doing an evening of mini session on July 8th, and 2 Day in the Life Sessions on the 9th.

Check out the details:

Mini Session Times:
4:30 *Booked
5:10 *Booked
5:50 *Booked

Day in the Life Session times

10:00 *Booked


I'll cross off the times as you claim them.

(In the meantime, will you all go to Cafe Rio and eat some good grub for me? And then send me an e-mail describing the entire experience including all of the gory details?)
Thank you.


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