You Asked For It... Mini Sessions

Thank you all for your interest in mini sessions! I have been dragging my feet to come up with an option that works for me and doesn't cost you too much.

In the past, mini sessions have frustrated me because I can't spend the time making each session as unique as I would like them to be. And after seeing my prints botched at local labs doesn't make me super excited to hand over digital negatives. Sheesh.. can you tell I'm a control freak?

But I DO see a need for them, and after much fasting, prayer and meditation I think I have found an option that won't burn me out, and hopefully won't break your bank.

The Mini Session

20 minute session at an outdoor location of your choice
2 full resolution images with print release
1 8x10 or 2 5x7s
20% off of prints ordered through my lab


The Whole (mini) Shebang

20 minute session at an outdoor location of your choice
All full resolution images on CD with a print release
1 8x10 or 2 5x7s
20% off of prints ordered through my lab


Mini session are great for: babies, individual kids, maternity

Mini sessions are NOT great for: families and newborns

Here's a shot from my most recent mini:


I really don't have time to post this...

but as I browsed through my pics this morning I HAD to post this. It sent me into a texture/color euphoria that I don't think I'll ever recover from.

And then I saw this...
and this...
Guess where we found this grass?
(this is where you say, " a beautiful little meadow.... a grassy field??")

WRONG! Would you believe I found this in a parking lot?
(This is when you say, "Shut. UP!")

I know, crazy. And she's crazy beautiful, huh!

Many more to come!
(This is when you say, "GET BACK TO WORK, MELISSA!")



I'm baaaack..

Our weekend in St. George was fantastico! And even though our apartment still looks like a recovering swamp land, we have all been sporting some happier tudes since returning from our weekend with this sweet fam:
Now seriously. Don't you just want to eat every one of them? I shot this during an afternoon wrestling session.

Okay... enough about my fantastic weekend. On to the important stuff... The GIVEAWAY!

The winner of the super awesome giveaway is...
E-mail me and we'll get your session set up. Woohoo!

Have a great week!
PS. Dear St. George: Please don't let your housing market explode in the next two years because the hubs and I would really like to buy a house there once school wraps up.



Giveaway deadline extended!

After experiencing the flood of 2009 IN our apartment yesterday, The Hubs and I are packing up our clan and heading to a sunnier (and hopefully drier) place for the weekend.

As a result, I am extending the deadline of my superawesome giveaway (below) until Monday morning. Because frankly, I don't feel like drawing names out of a hat when I'm soaking up the sun in my swim suit. :)

Stay tuned and spread the word!

(And my apologies to those of you who had to reschedule. This weather HAS to go away soon, right?)


Spring = Giveaway!!

Spring is in the air and I am finding myself in an unusually perky mood. I mean, I'm usually a pretty peppy person, but warm temperatures force me into hyper drive.

Last night Luke and I sat on a blanket munching on strawberries and soaking in the good weather and I had an idea. A brilliant spring-alicious idea. It's time for a photo giveaway!

But then I got a-thinkin. The problem with my photog giveaways is that 49 of our 50 fine states get left out of the giving. And what about my loyal fan(s) in Alaska or North Dakota!? Don't they deserve a little Melissa E Love?

I think I have found a solution that will make us all happy.

ONE lucky winner will win EITHER:

* a free session with a $20 print credit
* a $50 amazon gift card


Leave a comment on this here little post for ONE entry

Add Melissa E Photography as a friend on Facebook for TWO entries.

Add my button on your blog for THREE entries.

Be sure to comment below and let me know if you qualify for multiple entries.

The winner will be announced Friday at noon.

Good luck!



Little Add turned 8 last month and we were able to snap a few pictures. Age 8 is climbing my list of favorite ages to shoot. They are so cute in a goofy, awkward kind of way. (Coming from a girl who was a REALLY scrawny, awkward 8 yr. old).
This pic was Addison's idea. Cute, eh?

Happy Belated B-day Addison!


Strep Through Makes me Loopy

My eyebrows and I had the pleasure of meeting Carey and her family last weekend. We have been blogging friends for couple of years (is that right, Carey?) and I could not WAIT to meet her. And after spending two days in a strep induced coma, I was extra jazzed to shower my crusty self and make an appearance to the outside world. (unfortunately brow plucking was last on the list of to-dos).

I didn't think it was possible, but Carey was even cuter and sweeter than I pictured.

Now let's see... what happened after these pics? Oh yes. This is when I realize my keys are in my camera bag which is locked in my trunk. Faaaaantastic. We improvised, and I drove with Carey's entourage while frantically coming up with a plan for key retrieval in my head. (My husband was gone, and my kids were at my mom's.. I knew the plan would be tricky). Her family could not have been more kicked back about the whole ordeal.

I laughed so hard when I looked at their jumping pictures. I think they totally show off their fun personality. Look at Cal's poses (on the right). Disco? LOL!

The C fam drove me to my apartment and I got out of the car feeling like a 12 yr. old being dropped off from a babysitting job. How's THAT for professionalism?

How did I get back to my car? I'll tell ya.

Now in the 3.5 years I have lived here, I have never cleaned my sliding glass doors. That is, until last Saturday when I got the random urge to clean those bad boys. It's a good thing God sent that little prompting because that unlocked door was the only way I could get back into my apartment!

My friend Leanna (bless her heart!) drove me back to my car and I was able to go collect my kids at my mom's.

Carey and Co, you are the BEST! Thanks for being so kicked back!


I *love* seniors.

Hannah and I were able to hang out the other day and take some senior pictures. She and her mom were so fun!! And I was jealous of her ability to rock the skinny jeans.

See the converse hanging from the rear view mirror? Thanks for the idea Melissa!

Gotta love the motherly love.Thanks, C Fam!


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