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winner, winner!

I know it's a little cheesy and I know my teeth look like Mr. Ed, but hey.. we are what we are. I just ordered a 16x20 float wrap of this little baby. Thanks for the votes!


Jensen Kids (Durham Children Photographer)

Allow me to introduce you to some of my little boy's best friends. Allie, Jack and Jim. We are going to miss these kids so much! I'm think I'm going to print one of these off for Parker.
I love watching little girls princess it up. Allie loved the "enchanted forest."Thanks Di. The kids were great. (Especially considering the 4,930 other people there that night!)


Why Hello There..(Durham Family Photographer)

Would you believe that I am posting these previews after I finished proofing the sessions? I'm on a freaking roll, people!

Meet Hollie and Grant:
Cute, fun couple who are hoping to adopt baby #3.

Meet Hollie and Grant's family: Cute, right?I volunteered to take this little dude home.

Thanks guys!


My Sisters' Pics

Do you want to know what rocks about taking pictures for my family? I can show up in spandex capris and no one cares. Ahh... sweet stretchy goodness.. Hey. Don't judge. You should see the positions I get myself into!

Thanks family!


Our Little Familia

Aaron and I (okay.. maybe not Aaron) decided it was time to take some updated family pictures. I decided I would shoot a mini session of my friend's family in exchange for setting up my own shots and having her click the shutter. (Holy cow. I underestimated how hard this is!)

Here are a couple of my favorites from their session.

Our first round of pictures was not good. Luke was tired and grumpy, and it turns out Park had to pee the whole time. No WONDER he was so wiggly. After 10 minutes of whining, yanking and threats we bagged it. My sessions are usually pretty fun and I was so bummed that ours was an ornery nightmare.

We ended up with 2 decent shots.


Round 2 (two days later) was a million times better. We took 10 minutes to get ready and had happy kids, happy hubby and a relaxed momma. I never thought my first re-takes would have to be my own!


Thanks for taking these, Leanna! You rocked the focus and were shooting almost wide open. I knew you were a closet photog!

(The only downside was that my hair was a little bit orphan Annieish on day two. It was humid, okay? Ah, well!)

Vote for your favorite and I'll give you a cookie!

Have a good day!


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